Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crispy Salmon with a Variety of Peppers

Peppers are in season in Ontario right now.  The markets are overflowing with them.  The only version I planted this year is similar to a jalapeno, and I have tons of them.  I've frozen some, and given more to the neighbour. But today I bought a variety of orange and red peppers at the market, so tonight I decided to do a meal that features peppers in various forms.

288.  Crispy Salmon, Jazzed-Up Rice, Baby Zucchini Salad (Jamie's Meals in Minutes, page 190)

I made an executive decision to blacken my own peppers for this one, rather than buy one of those convenient jars of roasted red peppers.  So I created my own first step, and put a couple of Ontario fresh red peppers under the broiler on a cookie sheet to blacken.  In the meantime, I did the real first step and sliced up some bell peppers, chiles and scallions.  I spread these out in a large roasting tray along with a lug of olive oil.  I removed my salmon from it's vacuum pack, rinsed it, and flavoured it with some olive oil and lemon zest.  This, I laid in the middle of the tray and pushed the veggies out to the sides.

Once the blackened peppers were finished, I put them in a covered casserole dish to steam, and put the fish tray under the broiler in their place.  Then, I put a mug of basmati rice into a pot with a pinch of salt, and covered it with about 3/4" of boiling water.  This has to be the easiest, least accurate method ever for making rice, so to say I was dubious is an understatement.  However, I pressed on, and covered it with a lid on a medium heat for 7 minutes.  Then, I removed it from the heat for a further 7 minutes, to steam.  I filled in this time by peeling the blackened peppers, and roughly choppping them on a cutting board with a few sprigs of fresh basil from the garden. I added some salt & pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Once the rice reached perfection (YES!!!) I poured it over the top and spread it all around.  Usually, I think it's kind of crazy to serve this type of thing on a cutting board, but this time it served a purpose.  It is supposed to be a warm rice salad, and the cutting board set up allowed it to cool.

After 14 minutes under the broiler, I took the salmon out to check on it.  I removed the skin carefully, stirred the veggies, flipped the fish, and put the skin back on top, but upside down.  This is to help it get crispier.  I put the roasting tray back in the oven for another 5 minutes.

At this point I quickly put some lemon juice, olive oil, minced chile and salt & pepper in a bowl.  Then I used a speed peeler to thinly slice one of my homegrown patty pan squash (aka zucchini) over the top.  I've made this salad before and it's one of the favourites.  Then I removed the salmon tray from the oven.  Now, at this point Jamie suggests you put just the skin back in for another 5 minutes.  So I did, and that was about when my daughter started choking in the living room from the fumes.  LOL.  So I took the skin out (very crispy and slighly burnt) and turned on the fans.  Ooops. 

I admit I skipped the guacamole and tortillas for this meal.  I knew that would be too much food for just me.  But I do love guacamole.  Another day.  There is also a berry spritzer listed, which I may get around to at some point this week.  Berries, of course, are also in season right now. 

What lovely colours!  I particularly enjoyed the rice this time around.  I liked the combination of flavours from the basil and the blackened peppers.  I might even be able to sell those left overs to the fish haters!   ;)

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  1. Love your recipe for salmon and pepper! It looks very delicious!

    Stopping by your blog from Fresh Foods Wednesday (I posted the Mango, Banana and Chai Tea Smoothie).


    Amber @ The Cook's Sister

  2. i LOVE roasted peppers! in fact, i'm going to make some in about 10 minutes for a post that i'm doing tomorrow :) the ones from the store are good but the ones you make at home are so much better. fresh. simple. love it :)

    thank you for taking the time to share with us at The Wednesday Fresh Foods Blog Hop - we hope to see you again this week with more incredible posts! xo, kristy