Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 Years and an Award!

Mary at Cardamom Bliss has graced me with a Liebster award!  What a great way to celebrate my 3rd blogging anniversary!  Thanks, Mary.

Rule 1: Post 11 things about yourself
Rule 2: Answer the tagger's questions
Rule 3: Tag and pass the awards to 11 other bloggers
Rule 4: Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer
Rule 5: Go to bloggers page and inform them about the awards
Rule 6: No tagging back

1.  Let's see, well I'm a mom of three, all of them adults now, but two of them still living at home.  I'm also a mom to two cats, two pugs, and grandma to a third pug.  It's a regular zoo around here!  The pugs love to sit by the counter as I am cooking, in case something might fall their way.  They especially like it when I am chopping fruit or veggies, because quite often I'll slip them a little healthy treat.  Outside, we have two apple trees, which also become snacks for dogs as they fall on the ground.  It's a chore and half to keep up with them.  I have yet to figure out how to organically treat the apple trees so that the apples are not wormy or buggy, so unfortunately, I don't use them myself.  I grow a variety of herbs and vegetables in the summer months, and the dogs occasionally sneak into the tomato patch for a quick munch.  I'm learning new ways to preserve my over-abundant garden this year, because my freezer is maxed out.  I want to try drying herbs, and I've delved into the world of canning recently!

2.  Q&A:

What was the first dish you ever made?
I think it was scrambled eggs.

Who taught you how to cook it?
I figured it out myself.  I made it for my grandparents.  I remember feeling quite proud.  I would have been around 10 years old.

What was your favourite food as a child?
Probably deep dish pizza.  Or icing.  I remember making butter icing flavoured with instant coffee, and eating it with a spoon.  LOL.

What was your least favourite?
Sausages.  I still detest most sausages, with the notable exception of chorizo.

Have you ever fantasized about creating a certain flavour combination?
I like trying all sorts of different flavour combinations.  I fantasize about food 24/7!

If you have, what is that flavour combination?
Most recently, I combined basil, avacado and peach in a sandwich.  It was delicious!

Are there any common flavour combinations you can’t stand?
I'm not a fan of olives with anything.  So I shy away from Mediterranean flavour combinations.

What’s your favourite dish to cook now?
Anything that uses fresh produce from my backyard garden. 

What’s your favourite dish to eat?
Fish and seafood dishes.

When you go into a restaurant, what do you usually order?
Something Asian inspired.  I rarely go into a restaurant that isn't Asian!

What did you cook today?
So far, just chai tea latte.  I make it in a little pot on the stove, with soy milk, honey, loose tea and spices  every morning.  I can't get moving without it!

3.  I've chosen the following blogs as worthy of receiving this award, for the reasons stated, and in no particular order:

Amy's Food Revolution because she is on the same path as I am!
Behindhersmile's Blog because she is doing good for our community.
Gastronomical Sovereignty because she hosts the awesome Wednesday Fresh Food Blog Hop.
My Year With Jamie Oliver because she cooked through one of my favourite cook books!
FatFree Vegan Kitchen because she inspires me to cook healthy, delicious food.
Seasonal Ontario Food because she always gives me great ideas for my garden.
Skinny Taste because it's a wealth of great, healthy recipes that even my kids like!
The Lean Green Bean because she is the host of Foodie Penpals and does such a great job!
One Perfect Bite because their awesome photos always inspire me to cook their recipes.
Living In The Kitchen With Puppies because I like her posts.  And she has a pug  :)
Midwestern Bite because she usually make me laugh.  And she uses great food props.  ;)

4.  Here are 11 more questions for those I've tagged (and who want to participate):

Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
Do you watch Food TV?
If so, does it inspire you to cook?
Is there any particular show or chef that inspires you most of all?
Do you know about the Food Revolution and have you signed the petition?
Do you grow your own vegetables or herbs?
Did your parents/grandparents pass their recipes down to you?
Did anyone else in your life teach you to cook or share their recipes with you?
Do you cook with your children or any other children in your life?
Do you occasionally eat fast food?
They say you either love or hate cilantro, and there is no middle ground. How do you feel about it?

Three years ago, I casually wrote my first blog.  I don't think I would have believed I'd still be doing it three years later (and that I'd have almost 55,000 hits!)  But it's addictive.  There are so many other great blogs out there that inspire me to continue.  And I like being able to go back in time and see what I did with certain ingredients, or recall a particularly successful recipe. In that vein, here's what I was doing at this time in the last few years:

One Year Ago:  Cooking, enjoying the fantastic weather, and making Jalapeno Flatbreads
Two Years Ago:  Attending a Michael Smith public cooking demo
Three Years Ago:  Hello World